Smurf Zombies From Hell

Here’s a story for the common sense pet care files…CATS + PAINT = ILLNESS.  DUH, right?

My buddy owns a pretty successful painting biz out of good ole New Hampshire:  We went to college together.  He is EINSTEIN SMART.  About most things.  His business is one.  Astrophysics is another, but he didn’t like the job options.  I kid you not.  Check out his site to prove I’m not lying, and it will also throw context to this ridiculous story, which demonstrates how he is NOT Einstein smart in other areas.

cat illnesses paint

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Welcome Cat Lovers! Or just people with sick cats…?

At least, I am assuming you are here because you are a cat lover.  If you are searching on the web for information about cat illnesses, hopefully it is because you care about cats, and not because you want to inflict an illness on one.  Then you’d just be a bad person, so you should go away.  Far away.  Please.

For some background on me and what I am all about (no I am not some crazy cat lady with 26 cats in a garden flat opening cans of tuna all day long) please see this page for some context.  Hopefully it will help the readers to frame my perspective on things.

And yes, I said RAW food in that post.  Otherwise known as the BARF diet.  And NOT because it makes you want to barf or makes them barf.  BONES AND RAW FOOD people.  Get with it.

This diet CURES ANIMALS of just about any of the modern diseases they have been acquiring from the Made in China kibble.  But it is easy to do it wrong.  Bacterial contamination can run rampant.  The ratios need to be right.  And let’s face it, it would be a LOT OF WORK to manually grind meat and bone and all the other parts plus supplement with veggies, fruits, eggs, etc.

There is a lot to learn with this diet and it is worth the research!  If you want to check out what I consider to be THE TOP opinion from the top doc, check out the 3-part web series below on YouTube.  Worth the gander.


Also check out this book if you prefer the written or digital word (and you must be partial to it if you are reading this…).