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Why Choose an Online Veterinarian?

Making an online vet appointment is easy and offers many benefits.

  • Access to Licensed Veterinarians & Technicians available 24/7
  • Convenience of booking appointment on your schedule
  • Prices available before you book an appointment so you know the cost
  • Professional treatment & advice
  • Get answers from a licensed professional
  • Pet treatment right from your home
  • No stressed out car rides for your cat
  • Flexible scheduling & appointments
  • No commute with a video call
  • No waiting at vets office to be seen
  • Avoid needless and costly trips to the vet’s office or emergency care
  • High quality care for your pet
  • Pet prescriptions (depends on State & Vet)

How to Prepare for Your Online Appointment

Online appointments are simple. Once you have booked your appointment, all you need is a device (laptop, tablet, phone) with an internet connection. You will connect with an online veterinarian or vet technician via a video call or chat. If you are able to attend via video, the provider can see your pet while you explain your concerns and ask questions.

virtual vet appointment on mobile device

Which States Allow Veterinary Telemedicine?

Pet telehealth has increased dramatically and become quite popular for pet parents. For the most part, virtual appointments are allowed in all states, but if you’re not sure, you can search for your area on the site.

Vetster is one of the prominent pet providers which is available in all 50 states and Washington DC. When booking your appointment with Vetster, it is very clearly stated whether the vets listed in your state are permitted to write prescriptions. For vets in areas where prescriptions are allowed, it is still ultimately up to each vet’s discretion if they will provide a prescription.

How to Get a Vet Prescription Online

Not every online vet service offers coverage in all states, so be sure to verify before making an appointment. You need to chose the best online vet care for your cat. Virtual vets provide the option of skipping primary vet visits while providing your pets care during a video visit.

The reason online veterinary prescriptions have limitations is that a veterinarian must develop a veterinarianclientpatient relationship (VCPR), which entails getting to know your pet well enough to diagnose and treat any potential illnesses. The VCPR comprises documented history of your pet’s health records visits, providing a comprehensive picture of your pet’s health to enable the best veterinary care.

Online Veterinary Consultation Topics




Skin infection


Skin Issues, Redness or Itchiness

Eye issues

Ear infections

Urinary problems

Litter Box Issues

Cat Litter Box Training

Behaviour consulting

Toxin Ingestion

Trauma & Injury Triage

Minor Wounds & Cuts

Dietary Concerns

Nutritional Advice

Weight Loss

Mobility concerns

Flea and Tick

Parasite Prevention


Training & Obedience


Preventative Wellness

Behavior Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an online vet write prescriptions?

Online vets can prescribe some pet medications prescriptions for some pet conditions after an online vet visit as long as the vet is licensed to do so in your state and has met the veterinarianclientpatient relationship (VCPR) criteria per the american veterinary medical association (AVMA).

Is it free to speak to an online vet?

A virtual vet visit with a licensed vet or vet tech using video conferencing is often not free, however, a virtual visit will likely be less expensive than and inperson visit. There may be some free service for a text vet chats but they may not offer same level of pet care as video chats .

Are online vets real?

Yes, online vets do offer ondemand consults. There are many service providers such as Vetster, Banfield Vet optimum wellness plan, Hello Ralphie, Chewys Connect, Fuzzy, Whisker Docs.

Can an online vet prescribe antibiotics?

An online licensed vet can prescribe pet medications and pet prescriptions online if they are licensed in your state and veterinarianclientpatient relationship (VCPR) criteria per the american veterinary medical association (AVMA).

10 Signs Your Cat May Be Sick & Need Help

And yes, I know some of these cat diseases can be really worrisome, but the more informed you are the better you’ll be able to recognize symptoms at an early stage and to take the appropriate actions to best possible help your cat.

So, once again, remember: spotting symptoms of typical cat illnesses early will allow for early treatment, faster cure and reduced risk and stress for your pet. Also, in case you are not absolutely sure what to do, I highly recommend you get help from a qualified veterinarian to look after your cat.

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